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What is Neuro Emotional Coaching?

Neuro Emotional Coaching is a compassionate, empathic and practical modality. It works for a range of issues including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, trauma, fear, anger, panic attacks, stress, relationship and parenting challenges.

My work is based on using the science of how the brain works – learning how to use our powerful neurochemistry to change responses, rewire habits and create a strong and resilient inner emotional life.

Instead of constantly crashing against emotion and responding to it from a survival state — as most of us were programmed to do — my clients learn new ways of responding to emotion and challenges in their lives.

This new way of navigating difficult feelings allows clients to move through emotion, use emotion as a tool for changing brain chemistry, and thus access an executive brain state on a daily, routine basis.

Operating more regularly from an executive brain state means: more freedom, joy, friends and time. It means better-functioning relationships, greater connection, and increased pleasure of all sorts.

In short, I help you to have a more empowered, emotionally resilient life.

You can read more stories and explorations of emotional processing and coaching on my blog.