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Emotional Empowerment

& Self Mastery

Live Online Workshop with Diana Bird

Bringing loving attention, and transformative tools, to releasing emotional patterns, regulate out of overwhelm and create inner freedom.

Would you like to untether yourself from overwhelming emotional pain and stress with simple, powerful methods which have helped countless others in my 8-week course?

“This is my 25th year teaching, and I can honestly say that I have never started a new school year in such a calm, peaceful, and positive state of mind. I don’t know how you came to be such a genius at delivering this material, but this could quite possibly rank as one the most beneficial and life-altering courses I have taken. And I have taken A LOT of classes in my life!” – Valerie

  • Would you like to learn how to help yourself regulate out of overwhelming emotions?

  • Would you like to learn how to communicate with people when they are in intense stress, rage or panic?

  • To understand why our brains (& bodies) respond to people, experiences and emotions with such intensity?

  • To understand why little things affect us in such severe and destabilising ways?

What you will learn:

This course teaches the foundational techniques that I use in my Neuro-Emotional coaching work. This is the work I do to help rewire people’s responses to challenges in their lives – so they can live with uninhibited joy, love and connection.

Each session will cover a core teaching point to explain why you struggle with certain feelings, situations and people – and more importantly, what to do about it.

We will harness the power of our intricate neurochemistry to gently reshape our deeply ingrained emotional responses, offering a possibility for untangling them sooner than you might have imagined!

This includes:

  • How to work with our overwhelming emotional reactions

  • How to understand why our behaviour is so different under stress

  • How to help yourself through panic attacks, rage spirals and chronic stress

  • How to break unpleasant habits and patterns with partners

  • How to communicate with family members without falling into wells of resentment, shame or fear

  • How to help our children cope with overwhelming emotions

  • How to support someone experiencing overwhelm

How It Applies to Your Life:

I will talk you through practical exercises so you know how to respond to any difficult situation in your life.

You can bring your real-life situations and learn what to do when things are most challenging for you, or when you’re with people facing challenges.

“I am a lot less judgemental about people around me – I now realize why they are behaving the way they are.”

This workshop is taught on Zoom. You can interact through the chat feature or on camera with me in the support/Q&A sessions, whichever feels most comfortable to you.

Our sessions will include:

  • Emotional Regulation exercises

  • Nervous System regulation exercises

  • Powerful techniques for daily use

  • Core teaching of how our brain & bodies respond to emotions, stress, and trauma.

  • Opportunity to workshop real-life experiences and to learn from the others in the group and their challenges

  • Powerful emotional processing and rewiring techniques to create lasting healing

If you don’t want to share on Zoom, you will learn a lot from listening to the stories that people bring. You can also privately message me to talk through your situations and receive feedback and suppourt. Your comfort and feeling of emotional safety is paramount to me.

In this 8-session live online workshop we will be diving deeper into a brain-state-focused approach of reducing overwhelm and creating safety in our nervous systems – as well as learning tools to gently process emotions and come out of emotional reactivity.

Breakdown of Each Session:

Emotional releasing: Series of exercises

You will learn several ways we can work with emotions that arise in our daily lives, as well as intentional practices we can use to ‘drain’ the heavy emotional charge we are carrying. I will guide you through exercises related to integrating emotions through movement, touch sensation, physical support and self-guidance. You will get a clear understanding of how to work with emotions, and plenty of ideas on how to apply this between sessions.

Exploring and releasing past emotional patterns

This will be a practical session where I will help you explore the deeper emotional patterns you are holding around everyday emotional activations. I will guide you through your own practice as well as do some emotional releasing of whatever we uncover. We will explore nervous system activation and what past experiences might be subconsciously communicating to us about future experiences, and how to work with these subconscious forces.

Deep dive into emotional support for others

We will learn different tools we can use to help and support others. We will explore how to create more connected and emotionally safe relationships where we can cultivate emotional support to feel safer and more understood.

Identifying and meeting unmet needs

Our emotions have wisdom to share with us about the needs we have that are not being met. Perhaps it’s anger from not speaking up, sadness that has a need for more community and connection, or frustration about a lack of boundaries. This class will explore the connection between needs and emotions, how to connect with your emotions to discover what needs they are trying to communicate and, most importantly, how to meet those needs in daily life. We will explore common needs related to different emotions like shame, fear, despair, hopelessness and anger.

Emotionally safe communication

How can we have discussions with people, sort out conflicts and communicate our needs in a way that is clear, empowering and doesn’t result in emotionally activating conversations? How do we bring our needs into conversations with people as well as be able to hear other people’s needs? This section will help us create much more empowering conversations in our lives, to be heard and to hear.

What clients have reported:

“I know how to help my teenager deal with difficult things in their life now! Like heartache and stress at school. Feels unbelievable.”

“I no longer have a constant anger towards my husband, which I didn’t even realize I had. I now know what to do when I have issues I need to sort out with him.”

“ I have tools to help calm me when I have my middle-of-the-night panics!”

“I know what to do when my daughter explodes. It’s really powerful, almost magical, this work.”

You will finish this workshop with a deep understanding of your emotions, powerful tools to overcome your challenges, and increased emotional capacity and resilience. The result will be freedom from overwhelming emotional pain, stress and trauma – and a more joyful life.

Workshop details:

  • 6 in-depth Live online classes – with practice, Q&A, demonstrations and personalised support included in each session

  • Live online classes begin Saturday, February 3 – every Saturday for 6 weeks

  • 10am Eastern / 3 pm London / 4 pm Madrid

  • 2 recorded classes to watch before the course starts

  • Habit-forming homework practises

  • Small group – so you can get plentiful personal support/feedback

  • Optional upgrade of 2 private coaching session to integrate learning