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Live Online Workshops

Emotional Releasing & Integration Course

Live online & recorded 

4 week space of empathy, loving support, integration and healing

My work is based on going to the root of how we feel and the patterns we have created, and healing core emotional imprints.

So instead of sorting out the 34 things that make us angry, we go to the source of the anger and work with where it springs from.

It’s not trying to control the 189 things that feel scary to us, but working with the fear that lives deep in our body and is trying to be seen, felt and heard.

It’s not trying to push push push ourselves to be better people so our despair leaves us alone, but moving towards the sensations of despair and working with it to release the despair that creates this undercurrent of unease in our lives.

All so we can reduce the heavy, historical emotional load we are carrying. 

So we can experience emotions with more ease and confidence.

So we can feel and respond with more confidence and ease.

And so that our emotions are less likely to push us into overwhelm. 

The work that I do starts in our thoughts and what’s happening in our lives, but it ends up in our body.

Our body will always tell us what’s happening for us, and what we need to do to support ourselves – when we learn how to read it. 

When we notice emotions that keep showing up and causing hours and hours of looping thoughts  – rage, fear, sadness, despair – it’s a sign that emotions are getting stuck. When they are meant to move through us – move in and move out. 

Seen, felt, heard – and released.

I get so many questions about this – how to work with fear, how to help explosions of rage, how to move away from overwhelming sadness – and I love sharing the power of working with our emotions and nervous systems.

So I am really excited to share that I have another 4 week series that will be focused on working with our emotions.

Working on releasing and integrating any and all emotions..

Reducing the confusing loops that we fall into when emotions arise.

And moving them powerfully through our body so we feel a lightness, release, ease and sense of possibility again. 

Over 4 sessions I will guide you through powerful exercises and through techniques to work with the energy of your emotions and integrate them into your body.

This will be a time dedicated to you – a ritual of self-love and self support. 

And I’d love to invite you to join me.

Everything I offer will be invitational – so you can go through these exercises with me, or watch them and practice later. 

Each week we will start the session with: 

  • Guided exercises for panic, overwhelm, rage or chronic stress.

  • Guided emotional processing exercises for all emotions

In addition I will focus the 2nd part of the session on more specific exercises that I will guide you through, so that you can take away more targeted exercises for different survival and emotional responses. 

These will be useful for you to use with not just yourself, but to support those around you. 

Week 1’s additional exercises will be:

  • Emotional releasing techniques for – Anger & Rage

  • Regulation & releasing exercises for – Fight survival response

Week 2’s additional exercises will be: 

  • Emotional releasing techniques for – Fear

  • Regulation & releasing exercises for – Flight survival response

Week 3’s additional exercises will be: 

  • Emotional releasing techniques for- Sadness, Loneliness & Despair

  • Regulation & releasing exercises for – Freeze survival response

Week 4’s additional exercises will be:

  • Emotional releasing techniques for – Shame 

  • Regulation & releasing exercises for – Appease survival response

We will end every session with Restorative & Re-Calibration exercises to help us move on to the rest of our day.

Here’s a little more about my process:

Emotional processing guided exercises:

I will gently and empathically guide you into your body to work with the emotions that are present for you. We will cover some exercises that will help you work through what you are navigating, as well as teaching your body how to work with emotions and release them. 

Regulation exercises for overwhelm

When we feel close to the edge, when things feel too much, how can we bring ourselves back into our window of capacity – into a place where things don’t feel so overwhelming? 

These exercises are loving ways to tend to that part of us that has got stuck in habituated patterns of overwhelm. Stuck in feeling things are closing in, our lives are too stressful, too bleak, too panic or rage driven. 

This will be a regular time to tend to the communication system of our body – our nervous system. And by doing so it will help lead your body into a journey of releasing patterns so we don’t respond to situations with such intense reactivity. 

We will tend to your nervous system and bring calm and recalibration to your body & nervous system in times of overwhelm

Exercises for different emotions 

We will also spend time working with the energy of some of the most common emotions we have. I will be offering exercises to work with powerful energies of Anger, the sharp and self-conscious emotion of Shame, the needs of Fear and the energy of emotions around Sadness, Loneliness and Despair.

You’ll learn more about why these emotions activate, and how to work on releasing and integrating them when they do. 

Specific techniques to work with different survival responses 

You’ve probably heard me talk about the different responses we have when we are overwhelmed and overloaded. How we go into a response of urgency, stress of Fight, Flight, Freeze and Appease survival responses.

Each week we will explore exercises for these specific responses. Working with the energy of Fight, moving the body out of shutdown & freeze, working with the discomfort of Appease and creating more calm in Flight. 

These are powerful exercises to help us with our specific responses. 

The gift of Ritual

This will be a gentle, empathic, loving regular space of togetherness, where we gather, land, sit and attend to ourselves and what we are currently navagiating.

The space of regular togetherness, of being in support of each other is immensely rewarding and healing. Humans are meant to heal in community, and having this space together, even if you are not on camera, is beautifully nourishing – knowing we are not doing this all alone. 

  • These 4 sessions will run over a month.

  • You can have your camera on or off. You can communicate with me via the chatbox if you like. 

  • Live recordings will be made and you will have access to them for 3 months.

Price: £297 GBP (Approx. $375 US / 348 Euros)

Live online course dates – Saturday’s November 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th 2023

Time – At 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm London / 5pm Madrid

Questions about the courses:

If you have any questions about this program, reach out on email and ask –

I love to share, connect and hear from you always 🙂