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Introduction to Emotional Resilience Workshop

Live Online Workshop with Diana Bird

Bringing loving attention, and transformative tools, to healing painful emotional patterns & learning Emotional Self Mastery – for yourself and your loved ones

Limited to ten students 

Four in-depth teaching and practical sessions, plus an additional complementary practice, Q&A, demonstrations and support session

Would you like to learn how to help yourself regulate out of overwhelming emotions?

Would you like to learn how to communicate with people when they are in intense overwhelm, rage or panic? 

To understand why our brains (& bodies) respond to people, experiences and emotions with such intensity?

To understand why things that seem small affect us in such profound and destabilising ways?

This course teaches the foundational techniques that I use in my Neuro-Emotional coaching modality. This is the work that I do to help rewire people’s responses to challenges in their lives – so they can live with more freedom, uninhibited joy, love and connection.

Each session will include a core teaching that will illuminate why you struggle with certain people and situations in your life, why you struggle with yourself – and, most importantly, what to do about it. 

We will be learning to utilise our powerful neurochemistry to rewire the responses we have to anything that feels difficult, overwhelming or completely impossible in our lives.


  • How to change unpleasant habitual patterns with our spouses & partners 

  • How to communicate with family members without falling into wells of resentment, shame, anger or fear

  • Helping our children cope with overwhelming emotions

  • Working with our own emotional reactions that feel too much for us

  • How to support someone when they are in the midst of overwhelm

  • How to help yourself through panic attacks, rage spirals or chronic stress

  • Understand why we have different responses when under stress 

I will also talk you through practical exercises so you know how to respond in your own life. There will be opportunities to bring real life situations so you can workshop with me what to do when things are most challenging for you or when you’re with people facing challenges.

This workshop is taught on Zoom. You can interact through the chat feature or on camera with me in the support/Q&A sessions, whichever feels most comfortable to you. 

Our sessions will include:

  • Exercises for emotional regulation + processing 

  • Exercises for nervous system regulation 

  • Powerful techniques to use in everyday life

  • Core teaching that illuminates how our brain & bodies respond to emotions, stress, trauma, overwhelm

  • Option to workshop real-life experiences – opportunities for you to workshop through real life situations or experiences, and to learn from the others in the group and their challenges

  • If you don’t want to share on Zoom, you will learn a lot from listening to the shares that people bring + you can message me privately if you would like me to talk through situations and experiences you are having and provide feedback – your comfort and feeling of emotional safety is paramount to me

  • Questions + answers section

This course is an introductory course that lays the foundation for my Emotional Processing Course, where I take you through deeper Emotional Processing techniques. It is, though, a valuable and effective course on it’s own, and contains life-changing concepts and techniques that will support you.

What clients have reported:

  • “I know how to help my teenager deal with difficult things in their life now! Like heartache and stress at school. Feels unbelievable.”

  • “I no longer have a constant anger towards my husband, which I didn’t even realize I had. I now know what to do when I have issues I need to sort out with him.”

  • “I am a lot less judgemental about people around me – I realize now why they are behaving the way they are.”

  • “ I have tools to help calm me when I have my middle of the night panics!”

  • “I know what to do when my daughter explodes. It’s really powerful, almost magical, this work.”

You will finish this workshop with a set of powerful tools, a deep understanding of how your emotions work and you will have developed your emotional resilience and emotional capacity.

Workshop details: 

  • March 22nd  / March 29th / April 5th / April 12th + April 26th

  • Tuesdays 9am LA / 12pm New York / 5pm London / 6pm Spain 

  • Price £250 (approx. $340 US / 300 Euros)

  • The workshop will include a short break and last approximately 1.5-2 hours, depending on the session

  • Hosted on zoom so you can ask questions live or in the chat 

  • Ability to share your experiences or ask me questions between classes so I can include it in the next class (if you prefer not to ask live, or if you would prefer me to answer so you can be anonymous)

Questions about the workshop:

Please email Diana –

Book your space:

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