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Feeling exhausted all the time – and like you can never relax?

Increasing emotional pressure but unable to take action…

Frequently panicked yet feel trapped…

Frustrated to still feel stuck like this in mid-life…

Feeling like the gas and brake pedals are on at the same time…

Self-help books, yoga, meditation not working…

I help mid-life people who are done with panic & overwhelm 

…and are ready for calm and confidence

In my new 6 month program for radical change:

Mid-life Unbound

Escape the overwhelming cycle of panic & dread

Unlock inner calm & abundant confidence

Are you frequently overwhelmed and feel like small things push you over the edge?

Has your career not given you the deep feeling of self-worth you were promised?

Feel trapped by fear, and see no way out?

Do you feel like you struggle to function more than others?

I have experienced the exact same sensations, as have hundreds of my clients. And the way out of this toxic loop, I came to find out, was so groundbreaking yet so simple. In this program I will share cutting edge neuroscience and powerful methods to rewire your emotional reactions and move you from panic & feeling stuck – to innate calm and confidence.

It can feel like a betrayal when we realise that having a successful career, a nice house, a loving family – doesn’t bring the feelings of happiness and security we were promised.

Feeling exhausted so much of the time – like you’re running on empty but also like you can never truly relax. It’s like a never ending cycle. It can feel like you are unequipped to make big decisions in your life, or deal with even the smallest problems that arise. Getting blown off course by small stressors or emotional eruptions.

But what if it doesn’t have to be this way?

What if you could go through life with ease? With a solid internal foundation on which to stand.

To feel like you can trust yourself to handle anything that comes your way with calm & confidence – rather than white knuckling your way through so many of life’s experiences.

What if you could truly relax in your time off? Enjoy time with your loved ones and not feel on edge so often?

And to radically change the quality of your relationships:

Where you can stop being emotionally flooded when conflicts or challenges arise.

Where you can release confusion and know how to change your relationship so you no longer feel stuck and trapped by others.

Where you can stop feeling so unseen and unheard.

And learn how to respond to other people’s emotions without it leading to you shutting down.

To fully feel safe being your authentic self in any relationship you have.

This is exactly what I have done in my own life, and what I’ve helped hundreds of my clients to achieve in our work together.

In my work I see the patterns of who will most benefit from my work and what attribute they need to have.

It’s not what you’ve been through, the trauma you carry, or the issues you face. It’s not your personality or lifestyle that dictates success in creating deep, permanent change.

It’s simply commitment.

In my work with hundreds of clients I have distilled the process to make it easy and simple to experience the life-transformation that I have taken so many of my clients through – and that I myself have undergone.

I only offer one singular means of transformation and working with me – and it is my Mid-Life Unbound program.

I love to work with people who are done, as I was, with jumping from solution to solution, none of them healing those core wounds and feelings of unease, stuckness and intense, often overwhelming fear.

People who are done with the self-help books, the yoga classes, the meditation – all these things that might take the edge off, but don’t seem to help when you’re faced with panic at 3am about the trajectory of your life, the emotional flooding when there is conflict in your relationships, feeling stuck and exhausted by so many of the ordinary flows of daily life.

Things that don’t address the root of the problem.

You’ll learn that:

  • Your exhaustion isn’t physical – and can be easily changed to natural energy.
  • How to stop white-knuckling your way through challenges – and learn how to naturally change your reactions to ones.

Re-wiring through co-regulation

& deeply personalised support

This is the essence of my practice, and why I have such deeply profound success in guiding people into confidence and calm. 

When we experience deep, empathic emotional safety on a consistent basis, as well as have someone guide us through releasing our emotional patterns – we get the permanent rewiring, change of feeling and change of thinking transformation we are seeking.

My new 6 month immersive program brings together all 4 components of what creates the most powerful change you are seeking.

This is a highly focused program where you will be on a fully supported journey, guided through a pathway of powerful life-changing knowledge.

1. Personal support: Coaching

In this program you will have regular private coaching sessions with me so I can personally guide you, give you the support you need and help you integrate all that you are experiencing and learning. 

I love supporting people as it deepens the healing and helps to reconnect you to all that you are, your beautiful authentic self. You will also get unlimited email support from me.

2. Empowered knowledge: Lessons

The knowledge of why we feel like we do, why we respond in certain ways, and why others respond (often so differently) is KEY. We need to know there is a reason, a brain-system, a nervous system pattern to everything. When we know why, that then gives us the power to fully change these patterns.

Each month you will be sent two lessons that will, over our 6 months together, provide the layers of knowledge you need to unlock and unravel the emotional patterns you are experiencing.

Release you from panic, release you from overwhelm and despair, and unleash a new found natural source of energy and confidence. (All using the latest neuroscience)

You will also be sent personalized mini lessons if I feel certain things need to be emphasized.

3. Embodied practices:
Somatic techniques to release shutdown, panic & emotional pain

And then we take that knowledge and we move to the body. We retrain ourselves at this body level. We can’t think our way out of fear and panic, despair and overwhelm – we need to release these sensations from the body.

We learn how to move through & release fear and despair. We learn how to feel strong and resilient in ourselves.

We learn how to move from those unconscious reactions that we struggle with (trappedness / shutdown / panic / inability to be heard and seen etc.) into a space where we feel confident expressing ourselves, we feel energized and full of possibility, we feel so very good about ourselves. This is done through the body and the nervous system.

4. Connection & Community: Group sessions

Lastly, what I see so much is how many of us struggle alone through this, we think we are the only ones who are suffering in this way, and it can make the journey feel so lonely. We will gather in this program on a regular basis to ask questions, get group coaching and work through real life challenges.

You can talk and ask questions in these sessions or just listen. You can share or not share. The important thing is we are together seeing that we are not alone, and we are together journeying through, making connections, hearing that others are going through what we are, and that is one of the most beautiful things we can experience as humans. Connection in a safe, held supported community.

Who is this for?

This is for people who are really ready to make the changes they are seeking.

To rewire – permanently – their emotional reactions.

 If you are:

  • Tired of shutting down, feeling trapped and life feeling bleak
  • Frequently terrified yet feel trapped and unable to escape your fears
  • Unable to escape the overwhelming cycle of panic & dread
  • Struggling with relationships, expressing  your needs and changing a lifetime of unhealthy and destructive emotional patterns…
  • Frustrated to feel this stuck in mid-life…
  • Self-help books, yoga, meditation and not working…

Your Promise:

I work with clients who are ready for transformation change

However being ready for transformational change entails a few things:

You are prepared to challenge common and deeply-held beliefs about emotions, stress and how to approach them

You are willing to fully commit to the work on this course

This is probably not for you if:

You are clinically diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder which requires medical assessment/treatment, or you are just beginning in your self-discovery journey and are unaware of trauma you may be carrying.

Program Details

Small group limited to 15 participants

This is now the only way to work with me. If you are a current coaching client, you are still welcome to extend your coaching package with me, or to join this program at a special rate. Contact me for more details.

Client Testimonials

“I always felt like I could never get it together to be a success at my job. Working through this course has made me see that the only thing getting in the way of my success is my emotions. I had so much rage and shame, and that was blocking me. Working through these emotions has given me so much more confidence and energy to go for what I want in my job. I feel hopeful for the first time in decades!” Tom

“Diana’s wisdom, empathy and nurturance both in her insightful courses and her deep dive 1:1 sessions have helped move me from a tense ball of emotional reactivity to a grounded bundle of response-ability, receptivity and resilience.

Her approach is educational, experiential and transformative – I have such greater capacity to support myself through activation’s and navigate challenges that I´m now able to restore a sense of ease and calm within unlike ever before. I feel such gratitude from the depths of my heart for our work together, thank you Diana.” Irene

“This is my 25th year teaching, and I can honestly say that I have never started a new school year in such a calm, peaceful, and positive state of mind.  I don’t know how you came to be such a genius at delivering this material, but this could quite possibly rank as the most beneficial and life-altering course I have taken.  And I have taken A LOT of classes in my life!” Valerie

“I felt sure that I was getting life all wrong. I felt lost in myself, lacked confidence and felt miserable most of the time. I couldn’t work out what was wrong, and even though I have done years of therapy I never could make progress. Doing this course just changed everything for me. I have been able to work through a lot of childhood trauma, get to grips with what I want to change in my marriage and I’ve started to feel happy and confident again. It’s really incredible work. Thank you!” Lisa

“By week 2 of the course I got to grips with my panic & was able to calm myself instantly. Life-changing doesn’t even begin to describe it.” Maria

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Each month you will receive:

2 powerful recorded lessons – that take you through the emotional rewiring journey

2 private coaching sessions – where we work through what you are navigating and integrate the work from the lessons

Weekly Group Q&A and coaching sessions – where you get to listen or ask questions with other people following this program. It’s ultra powerful to hear from others. *It’s not required to come to every session, this option is a drop-in and offered so there is something always available for you to access each week.* 

Unlimited email support

Library of short exercises & practices to support you (exercises to bring you into calm, to release emotional tension, to support sleep etc.)

Optional – Small daily reminders to your phone of very short exercises & awareness practices (5 days per week) to support building new habits & rewiring your reactions

Over the 6 months of this program you’ll receive:

  • Empowered knowledge: 12 powerful lessons from Emotional Empowerment 
  • Personal support: 12 private coaching sessions
  • Safe Community: Weekly group coaching & Emotional Releasing sessions for 6 months
  • Unlimited support: through email (during my working hours) 
  • Personalized exercises: A library of personalized exercises and techniques

Apply for Mid-Life Unbound

If you’re interested in joining Mid-Life Unbound you can book in a complimentary consultation session with me. Contact me at to schedule.

Questions or requests

I welcome all questions – whether they feel big or small. So please feel free to reach out to me or my team on