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Emotional Healing & Emotional Self Mastery Retreat

Creating an embodied practise with a small group retreat in the beautiful region of Andalucia, Spain

Hello beautiful people,

How are you? For some time I have been dreaming about creating a space to come together and do this work in a retreat form. 

I have been dreaming about bringing people to my little corner of Spain, and spending time doing some deeply supportive emotional work and creating both incredible breakthroughs and beautiful connections.

Of having a community space where people are deeply supported, and have access to plenty of coaching, group work + fun activities. 

When I thought about offering a retreat I felt like I needed to combine a deep emotional work retreat combined with a combo of other activities so that we can work on emotions and challenges as they arise.

So we won’t be cut off from the world in this retreat, we will be actively engaging in doing activities together, being in a group, having conversations and sharing, so that we can work on any and all emotional challenges as they might arise.

This retreat will be a week in my small beach town in Andalucia, Spain. You’ll be staying in a beach front hotel, within a few steps/minutes of cafés, the beach, country walks, restaurants and all of the fun of a small lively town.

Each day we’ll have workshops and emotional processing time together as a group, and then a collection of other optional activities – all for you to pick and choose from.

I’ll have some assistants on this retreat to will be around to assist the group so that you can feel supported, held and heard. And this retreat will be open to anyone who has done either one of my foundational courses or a period of coaching with me so that we share a base and shorthand from which to work. 

Our day will look something like this 

And just to know we’ll be operating on Spanish time, which for many of us means we eat later and stay up later 🙂 Don’t worry though, you’ll have time for siestas too, and you can engage in daily activities with as much desire and energy as you wish.

Before 10am – breakfast & optional short walks/swims 

10am-2pm – Morning workshops and emotional processing sessions (+ yummy snack time)

2-3pm – Leisurely Spanish lunch

3-5 – Chill time 

5-7 – Optional afternoon activities – kayaking or paddle boarding, hikes, photo walks, day trips or additional workshops with me. Your choice, and anything you want to work on around activities, we can. 

8pm – dinner, perhaps drinks and live music afterwards 

The daily activities will include

  • Short morning walks and swims before breakfast

  • Longer afternoon hikes into the hills

  • Kayaking, snorkeling and paddle boarding explorations of the bay and further afield if desired

  • Meditation, yoga on the beach, breathwork session

  • Karaoke sessions at the local beach bar, seeing live music shows like Flamenco or classical guitar

  • Photo walks & talks 

  • Trips to the Alhambra in Granada and the morning market in the mountain town of Órgiva

The days will include 4-ish hours of workshops, plus as we go about our activities lots of on-the-spot coaching, support, discussion and training.

We’ll be cultivating an emotionally safe group so that we can develop our skills to be able to show up totally authentically in who we are, what we are working through and expressing what we need. As well as developing our emotional skills as we engage with the outside world and go about holiday style activities together.

Maybe it’s emotionally activating to be on the beach in a swimsuit 

Or to be in a busy bar with karaoke 

Or to say, I need some alone time

I will be here, along with the group, to provide support and cultivate emotional safety so you can really feel like what it is to be in the world and know how to share, support people and be supported.

You are also welcome to bring partners with you and if they don’t want to take part in the workshop we are offering an alternative workshop running in parallel for them to enjoy if they are interested. 

My husband is a photographer who runs travel workshops all over the world (he’s currently in northern Vietnam with a group. You can check him out talking about a photo project he did on cities at dawn on the BBC. It’s a few years old but I love the interview. He also has his website with some lovely photos of our area of Spain.) 

For anyone whose partners would love to explore photography, have something wonderful to do they can sign up for this workshop.

If partners don’t want to join either workshops, that is also fine. They can chill out and join just the social parts of the activities. 

You are also welcome at any point to dip into the photo walks and creative sessions Anthony will be running. Creative expression is such a beautiful and powerful way to create a direct link to our most authentic selves. To be in communication and connection with the people that we are, underneath the emotional reactions and patterns. 

May 21st-27th 2024 

7 days – 6 nights

Workshop includes

  • Collection/return at Malaga airport or train station

  • Accomodation in a beachfront hotel with breakfast

  • Daily lunches & 4 dinners

  • Daily workshops

  • Daily activities to choose from

Price: £3,300

Partner price: £2,300 – this is for all partners who are sharing a room and who are either doing this workshop or joining the photography workshop.

Limited to a combined group of 12 people. 

Booking is here – please place a deposit of £500 per person who will be attending, we’ll then be in touch to ask about your preference of workshop. 

Photography Workshop with Anthony Epes 

The aim of this workshop is to capture some of the most breathtaking areas of this beautiful region. From the undulating hills and white washed villages of Las Alpujarras, to the magnificent Moorish architecture of Granada, to the gorgeous rugged coast line and blue-green sea.

We will capture the different locations in their best light – from early morning sunrises to the long shadows and beauty of a late spring evening. We will also do a late night/early morning very special full moon shoot. 

You will finish this workshop with a portfolio of stunning images, and a collection of amazing memories.

On this workshop I will also help you develop your personal artistic vision and style. To delve into your inner artist.

I will teach you many of the composition and technical skills I use every day in my photography.

We’ll be shooting lots of different locations, using many genres of photography. Every day I’ll be teaching you new skills to make the best of each location.

There will be many quiet and meditative and beautiful subjects – shooting the sea, walking through olive groves in dappled light, the complete peace of remote mountain villages and capturing the landscapes and mountains.

We’ll do night shooting, dawn shoots, we’ll go out at dusk for the rich, beautiful light of Southern Spain. 

We will have some feedback and sharing sessions so you can see how other people approached the same subject, generating within you new ideas and ways of seeing.

From beginners to experienced photographers – you can all benefit from this fun and challenging workshop where we can all share knowledge, feedback and experiences.

Some of the highlights of this course are:

  • You’ll learn how to tell stories with your images

  • You’ll learn how to develop a personal creative vision of your photography

  • I’ll fill in the gaps of your technical knowledge – giving presentations as well as plentiful demonstrations as we are out shooting

  • We’ll do in-depth processing so you can make your images the very best

  • We’ll use the multitude of subjects around us to discover new aspects to your photography

  • You’ll learn professional lessons on creating images in a variety of genres

  • You will leave with many new skills – plus a new portfolio of images

You will have the opportunity to shoot every day on this workshop – at many different locations – the abandoned sugar factory in Nerja, the sunrise over the sea at Punta del Mona, the mesmerizing architecture of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. 

We will also do a daily workshop on different photo subjects  as well as having feedback and processing sessions.

This workshop will run in parallel and complement Diana’s retreat, so if you wish you can do little parts of both, or have one partner on either workshop with the social activities also accessible.