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Monthly Workshops

Join me in these monthly spaces of empathy and empowered learning where we can change our understanding of our emotional & survival reactions and learn tools to support our self-healing journey.

Price for each workshop: £60 GBP (approx. $77 US dollars / 70 euros)

Purchase workshop series Save £60 GBP

Purchase all 6 workshops for £300 GBP (approx. $380 dollars US / 352 Euros)

Times & dates:

9.30am Pacific / 12.30pm Eastern / 5.30pm London / 6.30pm Madrid

Saturdays March 23rd / April 20th / May 4th / June 15th / July 20th / August 17th

Workshop time 1 hour + 30 min Q&A

Healing Trauma & Building Emotional Safety March 23rd

What is emotional unsafety & how do we learn to feel safe with our emotions? How does trauma imprint on our body and how can we bring a sense of safety, ease and calm to our bodies so we can work through the trauma we are carrying? The first step is to support our nervous system and restore its healing capacities.

This is the core of my work, the foundation on which we stand and is essential in the healing journey. We will explore why and how trauma shows up in our lives as well as some practical tools to start to work with and release trauma in the body.

Befriending & Releasing Fear April 20th

When we are holding too much fear it can disrupt our lives in powerful ways – changing how we make decisions, how we live and what we do. This workshop will dive into how we can befriend this powerful emotion so we can learn why it shows up in our lives as well as do some emotional releasing practices so we can reduce the amount of fear we hold in our bodies.

Using Anger as a tool for Healing May 4th

Anger I feel is one of the most misunderstood of emotions, and yet it can play a powerful role in our journey of self healing. Anger is a powerful, beautiful, empowering emotion – when we know how to be with it in a healthy way and let it guide us to enacting boundaries and listening to our values.  

When we can listen to anger deeply – hear what it’s trying to share with us, guide us towards, and support us with. This workshop will introduce powerful emotional releasing exercises for Anger, Resentment, Frustration and Rage – as well as explore how we can use this powerful emotion as our guide to healing.

Understanding & Releasing Functional Freeze June 15th

Functional freeze is a low level survival state that many of us have been living in in order to navigate chronic stress, overwhelm, emotional pressure with insufficient or no emotional support. When we are consistently numbing and disconnecting from our bodies and our emotions, and struggling to bring a sense of aliveness and thriving into our lives, we might be in a functional freeze state. This workshop will explore why this comes about, and most importantly the steps we can take to melt the functional freeze response.

Building a life of Emotional Resilience July 20th

Emotional resilience is not removing emotionally challenging experiences from our lives, but knowing how to bounce back when things go off course. Knowing how to navigate the emotions around life’s challenges, from divorce to grief, changing jobs to financial challenges, to kids leaving home to having children. Many natural life events can feel like they blow us emotionally off course in dramatic ways.

We can also feel overwhelmed by daily events like being late, partners letting us down, not sleeping properly, arguments with family and having too much work on. Building emotionally resilient is about the ability to navigate the natural ups and downs of life without feeling like they are dominating and pushing us out of our emotional capacity.

Creating stronger Boundaries & Communicating our Preferences August 17th

Having and communicating boundaries is an essential part of emotionally safe relationships as well as ensuring we live our lives connected to our authenticity and our values. When we know how to communicate what our preferences are and being able to both identify and communicate our boundaries, we create a sense of confidence in our daily lives. When we know how to identify what values we want to inform our lives and how to communicate that with others it can strengthen our relationships and help us feel more at ease with ourselves and the world.