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Say Goodbye to People Pleasing Live Online Workshop with Diana Bird

Set your boundaries, Learn to say No 

Release Rage, Connect to Healthy Anger

If you would love to Say Goodbye to People Pleasing. To use the power of your emotions like Anger and Resentment, to learn how to express yourself, say no, put yourself and your needs front and center in your life – my very last online course is starting on July 7th.

This 4 part, 6 hour course, will be a completely practical course where you will learn why you People Please, but most importantly you’ll be guided through powerful somatic practices to release people-pleasing reactions.

Learn the neuroscience of people-pleasing

People Pleasing is not a personality trait – it’s a neuro-chemical response to feeling unsafe around the feelings of others. You’ll learn how to recognise this – and how to change this feeling of unsafety around other people’s feelings at its root.

Learn how to re-wire your People-Pleasing instinct

You’ll be guided through practical exercises to learn how to re-wire and change your People-Pleasing reactions. As a former expert People-Pleaser, this is the process I used to stop saying Yes by default – and learned to identify what I really wanted. This process has helped hundreds of my clients also re-wire their people-pleasing instincts.

Stop absorbing other people’s feelings

Do you ever feel like a sponge for other’s emotions? This will be an essential lesson to start breaking free from other people’s feelings. Imagine what it will feel like to no longer feel swayed or overwhelmed by other people’s problems. How much more time and energy would you have for your own life?

Overcome the discomfort of saying No

The reason we don’t say No is because there is a bunch of uncomfortable feelings waiting for us when we do. Maybe it’s guilt or fear, sadness or anger. We’ll be doing guided lessons on how to work through any uncomfortable emotions that come up when we say No – so that we can say No with confidence.

Release explosive emotions that follow people-pleasing – rage, resentment, shame

One of the most prominent emotions that comes with chronic people pleasing (what a therapist I know calls being an ‘Explosive Doormat’) is that after a certain period of time of people pleasing we cross a line and fall into pits of resentment, rage or anger. .Falling into deep bitter wells of resentment…

So if you are ready – or more than ready – to say goodbye to people-pleasing and to release the resentment and rage that follows from not saying no and from not having strong boundaries…

Join me for this 4 part live course and you’ll be taken step by step through a process where you can say goodbye to people-pleasing – and instead lead your life from your own desires, and not other people’s emotions!

Falling into deep bitter wells of resentment…

Having boiling rage that you keep locked inside, creating painful internal pressure…

Obsessive looping angry thoughts….

These can be so uncomfortable that they can derail us from daily life. Keeping emotions like resentment and rage locked inside, or exploding outward at inappropriate moments – is not healthy. And it is so draining. You will learn how to healthily release these emotions – and bring inner peace around People-Pleasing.

Learn why anger keeps showing up – Learn how it can support you in saying No.

When we learn how to hold and release anger, we learn WHY it keeps showing up, what it’s trying to help us with, what unmet needs it’s trying to connect us to.

Maybe the anger is trying to help us to…

Say no to things that aren’t right for us
Speak up and be heard

Set healthy boundaries

Learning to read our anger allows us to release it – and understand the very real needs it represents. So we can deal with those needs in a calm, non-destructive way.

You will learn how to hold powerful emotions with confidence and understanding so you can utilize their energy to bring new ways of being into your life.

  •  Learning to read our anger allows us to release it – and understand the very real needs it represents. So we can deal with those needs in a calm, non-destructive way.
  • You will learn how to hold powerful emotions with confidence and understanding so you can utilize their energy to bring new ways of being into your life.
  • While reducing their control of you so that it never takes over in moments of difficulty.
  • Cultivating healthy anger has allowed me to not only prevent bouts of rage, but also to express my authentic self.
  • To say “no“ to situations and experiences I don’t feel are right for myself and my family.
  • It shows me when I am veering too close to “people-pleasing” – Not letting me set appropriate boundaries.
  • All of this – without any shouting, collapsing, throwing blame, feeling overwhelmed or feeling the need to push people out of their comfort zones.

“I no longer have a constant anger towards my husband, which I didn’t even realize I had. I now know what to do when I have issues I need to sort out with him. I can confidently say No and be heard”  Susan

Learn to befriend  powerful emotions and let them guide you to express your needs and desires.

Learn to support yourself so you can  communicate your boundaries and preferences.

Harness your own energy to live your life aligned with your  values.

Healthy Anger is NOT:

Kept locked inside – only to seep out in passive-aggressive outbursts, blind rages or incoherent rants

Thrown around chaotically at people 

Constantly bubbling below the surface, threatening to boil over any moment

Healthy Anger IS:

A vital emotion for regaining touch with our authentic selves

Necessary to return to a state of harmony and balance

Essential to enacting boundaries, stating our preferences and feeling confident in ourselves

“I know what to do when my daughter explodes. It’s really powerful, almost magical, this work.”  Jessie

Say Goodbye to People-Pleasing

Set your boundaries, Learn to say No

Release Rage, Connect to Healthy Anger

Lessons include:

Neuro-Emotional Rewiring Exercises for daily use & long-term transformation

Core teaching of why we People-Please, and why we don’t have to 

A deep understanding of anger and the role of healthy anger in overcoming People-Pleasing

Dates + Details:

Sessions: 1 hour + Q&A

Live & Recorded with Lifetime Access

Personalised support & guidance in the Q&A sections

Accompanying presentations

4 sessions on Sundays

July 7th & 14th

August 4th & 11th 

9am Pacific / 12 noon Eastern / 5pm London / 6pm Madrid.

Special Offer Price: £297 GBP (41% OFF) Approx. $377 USD / 350 Euros / $564 AUD

Offer Ends JULY 3rd