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Anger As A Guide Live Online Workshop with Diana Bird

Break Free from Anger’s Grip through Understanding and Empowerment

“Healthy anger is a boundary defense that protects personal boundaries in the present moment.”
– Gabor Maté

This 4 part, 6 hour course, will share powerful insights and teachings about how to create a healthy relationship with anger. I will be guiding you through somatic practices that support the embrace and release of anger.

You will learn how to hold this powerful emotion with confidence and understanding so you can utilize its energy to bring new ways of being into your life. 

While reducing its control of you so that it never takes over in moments of difficulty. 

When we can understand our anger, listen to its needs, hold it and allow it to guide us – it is an immensely empowering emotion. 

Cultivating healthy anger has allowed me to not only prevent bouts of rage, but also to express my authentic self.

To say “no“ to situations and experiences I don’t feel are right for myself and my family. 

It shows me when I am veering too close to “people-pleasing” – Not letting me set appropriate boundaries. 

All of this – without any shouting, collapsing, throwing blame, feeling overwhelmed or feeling the need to push people out of their comfort zones.

“I no longer have a constant anger towards my husband, which I didn’t even realize I had. I now know what to do when I have issues I need to sort out with him.”  Susan

Learn about and befriend this powerful emotion.

Let it guide you to express your needs and desires.

Allow it to support you to communicate your boundaries and preferences.

Harness its energy to live your life aligned with your own values.

Healthy Anger is NOT:
Kept locked inside – only to seep out in passive-aggressive outbursts, blind rages or incoherent rants

Thrown around chaotically at people 

Constantly bubbling below the surface, threatening to boil over any moment

Healthy Anger IS:
A vital emotion for regaining touch with our authentic selves

Necessary to return to a state of harmony and balance

Essential to enacting boundaries, stating our preferences and feeling confident in ourselves

“I know what to do when my daughter explodes. It’s really powerful, almost magical, this work.”  Jessie

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Course length: 6 hours 

Regular Price: £500 

Sale Price £275 – until May 24th! 

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