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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Neuro-Emotional Coaching, and how does it differ from traditional coaching methods?

Neuro-emotional coaching brings together neuroscience-based findings about emotions with meditation-like methods that focus on creating the safety necessary in our nervous systems and bodies to bring about healing. Each field alone cannot fully address emotional problems such as trauma, anxiety, shame, depression or chronic anger. I combine cognitive strategies with knowledge of how emotions are processed to get the best of both worlds. I create real healing and growth with simple, gentle yet exceptionally powerful techniques.

  • What is Somatic Embodiment?

Somatic Embodiment is the integration of mind and body in my practices. Physical safety is a large part of my techniques – as disconnection from / discomfort in our bodies is one of our brain’s first actions when dysregulated. When we disconnect from our bodies, we can’t process emotions. Somatic Embodiment practices are the exercises that communicate a physical sense of safety to the body, which I normally walk you through before we move onto the Neuro-Emotional exercises.

  • Are the coaching sessions and courses tailored to individual needs, or are they more generalized?

My private coaching sessions bring immense personalisation. In our initial consultation call I will assess your issues and needs – then give a session-plan recommendation if I think we are a good fit to work together. Every issue you bring to me will receive specially tailored support to create recognition, safety and healing to whatever you are going through. 

My online courses  are more general and focus on teaching the most important lessons I have learned on my journey to emotional freedom, but they do also have a strong element of personalisation. Courses cover specific common emotional problems, such as Shame, Anger or Anxiety. My signature Emotional Empowerment course encapsulates these teachings all into one. You will definitely find the teachings useful for your specific issues, and my interactive lessons allow you to bring your specific issues to the class for discussion and the exercises I give you will also be relevant to your situation.

  • What kind of support is available for clients between sessions or after completing a course?

Depending on which coaching package you select – you will receive varying levels of support between sessions. For my top packages – there is unlimited weekly email support. 

After courses, you will have lifetime access to the recording and other materials handed out – allowing you to retain the lessons and integrate them into your life long-term. 

  • How do you ensure confidentiality and privacy for clients engaging in one-to-one coaching sessions?

We strongly adhere to legal and ethical standards regarding client confidentiality. All correspondence during and between sessions is strictly private, as per our privacy policy. This is very important to me, as a feeling of comfort, trust and safety is paramount to benefitting from the service. All personal information is kept private and our communication all takes place on secure networks –  so you can be sure of your privacy.

  • Is there a specific duration or timeline clients can expect to see results from Neuro-Emotional Coaching?

The timeline of results varies depending on specific cases. However the majority of clients report a significant improvement in just the first session, when first encountering the teachings and techniques. Completion of any of my courses or a personalised coaching plan is guaranteed to make substantial progress on the issue at hand provided you commit to implementing the teachings and exercises. Check out the testimonials to see how clients feel about their speed of progress.

  • Can Neuro-Emotional Coaching be effective for individuals who have struggled with traditional talk therapy or counselling?

Yes. I have had countless clients come to me after trying many forms of therapy – from talk therapy to group counselling. My techniques work for everyone and these individuals benefit just as much as everyone else from the services!

  • How can I assess if Neuro-Emotional Coaching is the right fit for me?

No emotional problem is too great to overcome – that is one of my core teachings. If your considering working with me or joining a course – I encourage you to check out the Private Coaching Page or Courses Menu for more information. Additionally, you can also read my Blog or join my Mailing List for more detailed information on my philosophy and how I personally embody these teachings on a daily basis. 

 If your specifically interested in Private Coaching – we can set up a consultation call where I introduce you to the techniques and also assess whether we would be a good fit and, if so, recommend a personalised coaching plan.


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