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Shame Rejection Authenticity Permanently release shame’s grip on your life, overcome fear of rejection, realise your authentic self


Would you like to permanently release shame’s grip on your life and reduce it to manageable amounts, which don’t interfere with your daily well-being?

Across 90 days – Gain new insights and learn powerful, tried and tested techniques that will naturally release shame’s grip on your life.

Working With Shame:

A brand new class on understanding how we can work towards healing one of our most challenging emotions.

  • How do we recognise the depth of this emotion and work to heal the toxic levels of it so many of us carry in our bodies?
  • How can we understand its power over our lives and redirect its energy into a force of positive transformation?

In this class, we will learn how to understand shame’s innate protective qualities.

We will connect with our shame on a deeper level, using empathy and understanding to allow its safe passage out of our bodies; removing its hold over our decisions, feelings and entire lives.


Use simple, powerful tools to overcome trauma from rejection and reduce fear of rejection from your life. These methods have allowed past clients of mine to achieve new levels of freedom and relief in their lives.

The experiences we have around belonging and not belonging, of feeling rejected in ways that perhaps feel uncomfortable to admit, profoundly affect how we operate in the world.

Do we try to step forward into connection or do we retreat and try to avoid the potential of rejection?

Do we interpret the world through the lens of our experiences with rejection?

We rarely talk about rejection, beyond the socially acceptable discussions of childhood or romantic rejection.

Yet rejection is something that our survival brains and nervous systems are on the lookout for because belonging to the group, tribe, or community is an essential human need.

When we perceive the possibility of rejection it affects our relationships, sense of value, and potential to be loved.

In this class, I will share impactful tools to explore why and how rejection alters your reactions and experiences. To trace back your experiences – bringing relief and freedom into your life.


Awaken your natural life-force energy, your confidence and you innate vitality in this journey into embodying your authentic self. This will build on your transformed understanding of shame and rejection.

We will work on how we open up to the possibilities of living a life that is authentically true to who we are.

“Authenticity is living your life according to your own needs and values rather than those that society, friends, and family expect from you.” – Marina G. Roussou

Building on the 2 previous themes, we will explore what holds us back from feeling safe and comfortable enough to be our true authentic selves. We will explore the early roots of what inhibits authenticity, through to the emotional patterns which continue to surpress it:

“We’re born with a need for attachment and a need for authenticity.” Most people abandon their true-selves (authenticity) to please others and keep the relationships (attachments) even if they are ones that are toxic and destructive.” – Gabor Matè

I will share ideas and exercises that will change your thinking around authenticity so that we can build a more connected and sincere relationship with ourselves. No longer will the exhausting toil of pretending feel necessary to us. Our energy can be directed into what we find fulfilling and meaningful.


  • 9 lesson, over 13 hours of video & accompanying presensations
  • All sessions are recorded for lifetime access
  • Workbook with de-shaming exercises
  • Powerful practices to release shame, awaken authenticity and bring us into a deeper sense of belonging with ourselves & the people we love

“You have changed the path of my life Diana, this is just the best gift I could have given my family, and of course myself! Life changing.” Deb

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Course length: 13 hours 

Regular Price: £900 (approx. $1,133 US)

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